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vineyardvine‧yard /ˈvɪnjəd $ -jərd/ ●○○ noun [countable]  vineyard.jpg TAa piece of land where grapevines are grown in order to produce wine
Examples from the Corpus
vineyardAt the same time he set his troops to ravage the surrounding fields and vineyards.The climate is particularly favourable and the area is known for its cider-making and vineyards.We followed a dirt road through Chianti vineyards, waving to stubbly-faced farmers in corduroy trousers festooned with patches.Apart from this, the entire vineyard belonging to this commune is situated on Belemnite chalk.The surrounding terracing is all that remains of Prague's vineyards.Here you gaze across the terraced vineyards and orchards to the bare limestone summit of Mont Vertoux.The vineyards of the Vallée de la Marne face both north and south, depending on which bank they are situated.Take a boat trip upstream along the Swan River through vineyards, stopping off to visit wineries.
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