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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishviolencevi‧o‧lence /ˈvaɪələns/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [uncountable]  1 VIOLENTbehaviour that is intended to hurt other people physically There is too much sex and violence on TV these days.violence against violence against women2 VIOLENTextreme force the tremendous violence of a tornado3 do violence to something4 ANGRY literary an angry way of speaking or reacting She spoke with a violence that surprised them both.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesphysical violenceThey were threatened with physical violence.domestic violence (=violence between a couple in their home)Police said she was a victim of domestic violence.racial/ethnic violence (=between people of different racial/ethnic groups)There were outbreaks of racial violence in some cities.terrorist violenceThe nation has suffered terrorist violence for many years.gratuitous violence (=violence that there is no reason for)These films are full of gratuitous violence.mindless violence (=stupid and without any purpose)Many have been victims of mindless violence.escalating/growing violence (=violence that is becoming worse)There have been reports of escalating violence in the region.verbsresort to/use violenceThey were willing to resort to violence to achieve their ends.incite/provoke violence (=do or say something that makes people become violent)The opposition leader was accused of inciting violence against the president.quell violence (=stop violent behaviour)The National Guard was brought in to quell the violence.violence erupts/breaks out/flares (=suddenly starts)Violence erupted during the demonstration.the violence escalates (=becomes worse)The violence escalated as youths turned over a bus and began smashing shop windows.phrasesan act of violencePolice warned that acts of violence would not be tolerated.an outbreak of violenceThere was a fresh outbreak of violence on March 24.the use of violenceA police spokesman said that the use of violence, while regrettable, was necessary.
Examples from the Corpus
violenceBut there was also an exhilaration in the atmosphere of conspiracy and violence which characterised the last years of his childhood.complaints about sex and violence on TVSuch federally-funded research into gun violence could be ended by a bill the House is expected to consider this week.The statistics show that male violence against women is widespread.A second possibility is that the use of violence itself amounts to threatening behaviour.It was a march against racist policing and racist violence.Police said violence in the city was continuing into the night."Leave me alone, " she hissed with sudden violence.The courts served as a safety-valve, acting as an alternative to violence when emotions ran high.In some parts of the city, teachers have to deal with violence in the classroom.
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