Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin violentus


vi‧o‧lent S3 W3
1 involving actions that are intended to injure or kill people, by hitting them, shooting them etc:
the increase in violent crime
violent clashes between the police and demonstrators
31 people have been injured in violent incidents throughout the day.
The riots ended in the violent deaths of three teenagers.
2 someone who is violent is likely to attack, hurt, or kill other people [= aggressive]:
My father was a violent and dangerous man.
He had a reputation for turning violent (=suddenly attacking people).
3 showing very strong angry emotions or opinions
violent quarrel/argument/row etc
They had a violent quarrel and John stormed out.
4 violent feelings are strong and very difficult to control:
They took a violent dislike to each other.
She has a violent temper.

violent headache/fit etc

MI a physical feeling or reaction that is very painful or difficult to control

violent film/play/drama

A a film etc that contains a lot of violence

a violent storm/earthquake/explosion etc

DN a storm etc that happens with a lot of force
8 extremely bright:
Her cheeks turned a violent red colour.

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