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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishviolentlyvi‧o‧lent‧ly /ˈvaɪələntli/ ●○○ adverb  1 with a lot of force in a way that is very difficult to controltremble/shiver/shake etc violently I was still trembling violently.violently sick/ill He rushed to the bathroom, where he was violently sick.2 in a way that involves violence Several people have been violently attacked in the subway.3 with a lot of energy or emotion, especially anger Jenny protested violently.
Examples from the Corpus
violentlyWhen she heard they had gotten engaged, Jenny protested violently.He touched her arm and she flinched violently.It tidies the emotional chaos that comes when a child dies violently.He knew that, despite all her denials, she was still violently attracted to him.I was trembling less violently, but my teeth still chattered.All eyes went to the open drawer from which the President had so violently recoiled.Vasili shook her shoulders violently then slapped her across the face.violently sick/illA moment later he turned to his right and was violently sick.Feeling her stomach churn with the painful memories, she leaned sideways and was violently sick.I can cheerfully admit that it made no impact on me apart from an overwhelming urge to be violently sick.I managed to drive out of the hospital but I had to stop the car and was violently sick.In mid-sentence he broke off, turned ghastly pale and rushed to the bathroom, where he was violently sick.The stench is so powerful that you feel - and sometimes are - violently sick.When they leave, Ann is violently sick.On the way home I remember being violently ill in the car because of the pain.
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