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violetvi‧o‧let /ˈvaɪəlɪt/ noun  1 HBP[countable] a plant with small dark purple flowers, or sometimes white or yellow ones2 [uncountable]CC a bluish-purple colourviolet adjective beautiful violet eyes
Examples from the Corpus
violetCherries turn up again in a buttermilk pudding tricked out with rose petals and violets.After incubation for 3 days at 35.8°C, each microtitre plate was stained with 0.05% crystal violet in 25% ethyl alcohol.He then unfolded and mounted his own, circular, of gentian violet gently banded with the lovely Dior gold.I sprinkled water in front of the altar, and put some flowers on it, violets and dogwood.Where the two colours meet there is often a soft misty violet which gives the image a feeling of air and space.She was looking at the posy of Neapolitan violets that had just arrived from Alfred.She wore her corsage of violets and primroses pinned to the lapel of her grey suit.Just walking down the hall was enough to make even the bravest shy violet hide her petals under her leaves.
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