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violinistvi‧o‧lin‧ist /ˌvaɪəˈlɪnɪst/ noun [countable]  someone who plays the violin
Examples from the Corpus
violinistAnd everything I couldn't say, everything I couldn't play, this dark violinist could articulate perfectly.We had four violinists from the Philharmonic Orchestra.A 12-disc set featuring the legendary violinist playing works by Beethoven, Brahms, Prokofiev and others.Featured soloists include 18-year-old violinist Tigran Vardanian and 16-year-old pianist Andrew von Oeyen.Kreisler excepted, no other violinist could so quickly transform a tender mood into a dramatically intense one.I could then sit and relax and listen to the other violinists.They've often collaborated before with other artists, including the playwright Tony Kushner and the violinist Itzhak Perlman.
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