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viralvi‧ral1 /ˈvaɪərəl $ ˈvaɪrəl/ ●○○ adjective  1 MIrelating to or caused by a virus a viral infection2 passed on to other people on the Internet or using mobile phones It is one of the most viewed viral videos on the web.3 go viral
Examples from the Corpus
viralBut that won't stop the many other bacterial and viral forms.These centres had treated 2490 patients with chronic viral hepatitis with interferon alfa.It lies at the centre of a viral hot zone, surrounded by farms infected with foot and mouth disease.Flu is a viral infection which can make even the fittest person feel quite ill.If successful, the technique open up enormous possibilities for controlling viral infections.He contracted glandular fever and viral meningitis.A fourth patient died from viral pneumonia, but this was in hospital and expected.Age was against viral pneumonia, Hoppy said.viral pneumoniaviral infectionSeveral cases of spontaneous remission in acute leukaemia have been described in association with bacterial or viral infections.Gardner missed the Washington road trip last week with a viral infection and is now taking antibiotics.Newly imported Angelfish sometimes suffer from a viral infection called Lymphocystis.Your Blue Ring Angel is suffering from a viral infection called Lymphocystis.Bacterial and Viral Infections Foals can suffer a variety of bacterial or viral infections in the first fourteen days of life.In some cases, these can be treated with antibiotics, which are useless against viral infections like influenza and colds.Headaches due to viral infections may be accompanied by fever, muscle aches, and malaise.Such a trigger could be a viral infection or a traumatic life event, says Lane.
viralviral2 noun [countable]  a viral video, advertisement etc They use humorous virals to promote their products.
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