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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvirginvir‧gin1 /ˈvɜːdʒɪn $ ˈvɜːr-/ noun [countable]  1 SYsomeone who has never had sex2 the Virgin Mary3 someone who has never done a particular activity before a snowboarding virgin
Examples from the Corpus
virginWomen in some countries are expected to keep their virginity until marriage - the same rule doesn't apply to men.When Jane Eyre finally married Mr Rochester she was still, after all, a virgin.Some men will not marry a woman who is no longer a virgin.Sentences for rape are eased if the victim is not a virgin.The demeanour of a virgin can be converted into that of a coquette.She must remain a virgin until marriage and must never take any lovers other than her husband.At 27 he was still a virgin and very shy about it.The discovery that Judy was a virgin, and intended to remain so for some time longer, rattled me considerably.This is the first model computer virgins can operate as soon as it lands on their desks.Here Melangell founded a community of virgins and lived a further thirty seven years in the valley.After offering a prayer, the virgin expired.She led me to the double rainbow where virgins climb to heaven and told me to climb.
virginvirgin2 adjective [only before noun]  1 virgin land/forest/soil/snow etc2 SYwithout sexual experience a virgin bride3 virgin territory4 (extra) virgin olive oil
Examples from the Corpus
virginHe was eager to try out his jokes on a virgin audience.a virgin brideNo more virgin coastal cliff will be sprinkled with bungalows.General Booth's Salvationist doctrine was a notable example, recommending mass emigration from the city slums to virgin colonial territories.Here we find immense virgin forests, similar to those of the Amazon and Indonesia.a virgin piña coladaIn front of them were 500 miles of virgin plains almost uninhabited by white people.Like ours, it lies ahead of her like a wilderness just before the first explorer sets foot on the virgin sand.It was in virgin wilderness up north where septic tanks are forbidden.
VirginVirgin trademark  the name of several British companies started by Richard branson, including Virgin Atlantic, an airline, Virgin Rail, a railway company, and Virgin Money, which provides financial services. Some of the companies Branson started, such as Virgin Records, are no longer owned by him.
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