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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvirilityvi‧ril‧i‧ty /vəˈrɪləti/ noun [uncountable]  1 MANthe typically male quality of being strong, brave, and full of energy – used to show approval2 MANBABY/HAVE A BABYthe ability of a man to have sex or make a woman pregnant
Examples from the Corpus
virilityThere was a virility about him that showed in his every movement.I remembered the charm of the man, that almost blatant virility.To declare enthusiasm for feminist ideals is almost a new mode of macho, a way to flaunt an invulnerable virility.Machismo is an exaggerated cult of virility which expresses itself in male assertions of superiority over females, and competition between men.Hunting also provides the men with a public stage for the stylized display of virility.The most successful advertising campaigns have targeted cultural stereotypes by associating contraception with virility.
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