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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvisiblevis‧i‧ble /ˈvɪzəbəl/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective  1 SEEsomething that is visible can be seen opp invisibleclearly/highly/barely etc visible The outline of the mountains was clearly visible.visible to The sign was clearly visible to passing motorists. The comet is visible to the naked eye (=can be seen without using special equipment). Check the plant for any visible signs of disease.2 NOTICEan effect that is visible is great enough to be noticed syn noticeable There has been a visible change in his attitude.3 FAMOUSsomeone who is visible is in a situation in which a lot of people notice them highly visible politiciansCOLLOCATIONSadverbsclearly/plainly visibleThe fracture was clearly visible on the X-ray.highly visibleCyclists should wear highly visible colours.easily visibleBy July 26, Mercury should be easily visible in the evening sky.barely/hardly visibleThe parked car was barely visible in the darkness.phrasesvisible to the naked eye (=able to be seen without using special equipment)The comet is now visible to the naked eye.a visible signHe considered the expensive car a visible sign of his achievement.
Examples from the Corpus
visibleHe lit the cigarette, keeping both his hands high and visible.I could feel the blood gone from my face and I knew that my panic was visible.The stages overlap with each other and the process is both continuous and deliberately visible.The marks are in faint gold, and hardly visible.The results of the housing policy are clearly visible.Only the top of his head was visible above the water.The impact on wealth distribution was already visible by the end of 1992, as Table 8-7 shows.The other important but less visible change is that those who operate the robots and computers are part-time women workers.A single headlight was suddenly visible far below them.Trim any visible fat before frying the meat.The church tower is visible from the next village.No stitching is visible from the right side.No solar eclipses will be visible from the United States in 1996, and only two will be visible from Earth.The bullet holes are still clearly visible in the walls.Black performers have become much more visible on Broadway.Detectives found no visible signs of a struggle.The stars were barely visible that night.These stars are barely visible to the naked eye.visible signsThe visible signs are of two main sorts.The most visible signs of a growing revivalist spirit appeared in the ministry of James McGready in Kentucky.Terry had the desire to see how they had been affected, or for any visible signs of compulsion.When a church is in her infancy there will be the most visible signs of growth, as with a child.Funeral furnishing was a trade in which the outward and visible signs of his merchandise helped to advertise his craft.Yet daytime is also believed to be responsible for about 75% of the visible signs of skin ageing.The neighborhood people sent money, but they had to be careful of more visible signs of support.The visible signs of this malaise included the loss of inner-city population and jobs and the deterioration of inner-city housing.visible changeThe other important but less visible change is that those who operate the robots and computers are part-time women workers.Then, with a visible change of heart, she carefully smoothed it out again.Then, without a visible change of mood, he became inscrutable.The visible changes which this programme creates have some positive effects on women's place in the discipline.The biggest visible changes will probably be seen in television programming.highly visibleThe 1950s was a period when state intervention in childhood was highly visible.The effect was to be startling and highly visible.The moving human body is large, obtrusive and highly visible.He knew that highly visible and fast results would achieve this objective.The results were highly visible and, in short order, Tom was promoted.It is highly visible, but there is an enormous mass of activity underneath.Those highly visible operations, which featured heavily armed government forces using aggressive pressure tactics, ended in deadly violence.A few people carefully chosen, highly visible, whose deaths might be noticed.
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