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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvisionaryvi‧sion‧a‧ry1 /ˈvɪʒənəri $ -neri/ adjective  1 IMAGINEhaving clear ideas of what the world should be like in the future Under his visionary leadership, the city prospered.2 IMAGINEexisting only in someone’s mind and unlikely to ever exist in the real world
Examples from the Corpus
visionaryFly away on a visionary cloud.The visionary leader is a transformer, cutting through complex problems that leave other strategists stranded.Schwab is reengineering its own business in one visionary leap that will require six years to execute.He identifies himself either with the visionary object or with its witness, the visionary subject.More visionary railway schemes were got up in the inter-war years.
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visionaryvisionary2 noun (plural visionaries) [countable]  1 IMAGINEsomeone who has clear ideas and strong feelings about the way something should be in the future2 RRa holy person who has visions
Examples from the Corpus
visionaryShe taught him what it meant to be a citizen, to be a visionary and to be a Catholic.Gutzon Borglum was an ambitious man, to his own mind a visionary.He is not a visionary, unlike those coastal intellectuals.And a few visionaries are also charting ways to fit the automobile into a more livable lifestyle.Meanwhile, a few visionaries are assessing prospects for still more extensive computerised information services.The new century presented challenges that visionaries thought the old forms could not meet.Clinton, sweeping smoothly over the recent nastiness, this week presented his friend as the visionary of a new Middle East.Guided by an unlikely visionary named Walt, the artists at Disney did more than create an enduring new art form.
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