Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: visiter, from Latin visitare, from visere 'to go to see', from videre; VISION


1 verb
Related topics: Tourism
vis‧it1 S2 W1
1 [intransitive and transitive]DLT to go and spend time in a place or with someone, especially for pleasure or interest:
Eric went to Seattle to visit his cousins.
I was really pleased that they came to visit me.
Which cities did you visit in Spain?
A recent trip to London gave me the opportunity to visit the Science Museum.
She doesn't visit very often.
! In spoken English it is more usual to say that you go to a place or go to see/go and see a person or place: We went to the Louvre. | I'm going to see my mother.
2 [transitive] to go to a place as part of your official job, especially to examine it:
The building inspector is visiting the new housing project.
visit with American English
The President's first trip abroad will be to visit with troops in Bosnia.
3 [transitive] formal to go to see a doctor, lawyer etc in order to get treatment or advice
4 [transitive] to look at a website on the Internet:
Over 1,000 people visit our site every week.
5 [intransitive] American English to talk socially with someone
visit with
Why don't you kids play outside while we visit with each other?

visit something on somebody/something

phrasal verb
to do something to punish someone or show them that you are angry:
God's wrath will be visited on sinners.

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