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vital signs

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvital signsvital signsmedical the signs that show someone is alive, for example breathing and body temperature vital
Examples from the Corpus
vital signsIf problems have been identified during assessment, monitoring of vital signs and fluid balance may continue.The following instructions were given: To monitor vital signs and measure the central venous pressure, half hourly at first.Theatre staff usually wait until the patient's vital signs are stabilizing before allowing the patient to return to the ward.He's a good weight, his vital signs are stable.And disguising your vital signs can be attained-albeit with effort.These rarely seen specialists administer local and general anesthesia, handle pain control and monitor your vital signs during the operation.Soon, all the vital signs improved, and Keynes looked like the hero of the century.He was conscious but still drowsy and his vital signs were stable.
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