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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvivaciousvi‧va‧cious /vəˈveɪʃəs $ və-, vaɪ-/ adjective  ENERGETICsomeone, especially a woman, who is vivacious has a lot of energy and a happy attractive manner – used to show approval syn lively a vivacious personalityvivaciously adverbvivaciousness noun [uncountable]vivacity /vəˈvæsəti $ və-, vaɪ-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
vivaciousLaura was an all-American type -- cute, blonde, vivacious.She was charming, intelligent, and vivacious.a vivacious and outgoing personalityShe was petite, going silver-haired, vivacious, bright, and willing to take Richard on trust.She's tender-hearted, generous, vivacious but at the same time she likes to have her own way.He married a vivacious girl called Sarah who he met at university.Cooper soon gravitated toward the good-looking and vivacious Lula and asked her out.She was under five feet five inches tall, but strikingly good-looking, with dark hair and eyes and vivacious manners.Mary Ann was vivacious, pretty, outgoing, and a good organizer.She is a vivacious young lady who combines instructing with commercial flying and club administration.
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