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vocalvo‧cal1 /ˈvəʊkəl $ ˈvoʊ-/ ●○○ adjective  1 PROTESTexpressing strong opinions publicly, especially about things that you disagree with syn outspokenvocal in Foley has been particularly vocal in his criticism of the government.vocal opponent/critic/supporter etc She was a vocal opponent of the plan.2 [only before noun]APM relating to the voice or to singing vocal music Allison’s vocal style is influenced by country and blues music. a female vocal groupvocally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
vocala vocal critic of the governmentSun is campaigning against Microsoft Corp., a vocal critic of the standards plan.the Beach Boys and other early '60s teen vocal groupsThe band's stunning vocal harmonies have earned them a big name in the States.He was always the most vocal in the late-night discussions about how the war should be fought.For one thing, it has never been shown that the carrying out of group tasks requires a vocal language.Consequently rational members of organizations are more likely to stay loyal and inactive than to be vocal participants.vocal opponent/critic/supporter etcThe priest, Gleb Yakunin, long has been a vocal critic and irritant to secular as well as religious authorities.As his more vocal opponents began to demand his resignation, Wahid insisted he still had Megawati's support.Fife Symington has been a vocal opponent of a Proposition 187 movement in Arizona.Many are vocal opponents of liberalised international markets in general.Has Visa International -- one of the most vocal opponents of so-called ambush marketing -- ended up ambushing itself?Sun is campaigning against Microsoft Corp., a vocal critic of the standards plan.Switchboard became a vocal opponent of the tactics, providing material for parliamentary and media attacks upon the practices.
Related topics: Music
vocalvocal2 noun [countable usually plural]  APMthe part of a piece of music that is sung rather than played on an instrumenton vocals The album features Jim Boquist on vocals.
Examples from the Corpus
vocalHe even adds his Armstrong-based vocals to a couple of tunes.Check his scorched-earth vocals for the sound of self-doubt.We did a few vocals and overdubs and eventually the album was mixed bar one track, which he did somewhere else.None of those wimpy washed-out vocals for Our Tom.Sandie's vocals, clear as crystal, slipped joyfully into her Morrissey role.Tina Wilkinson's striking vocals dart over the aggressive and exuberant title track with charismatic panache.on vocalsThe album features Jim Boquist on vocals.We went to see a band who had Julia Fordham on backing vocals.The band was formed in 1999, with Stevie on vocals.
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