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vocalistvo‧cal‧ist /ˈvəʊkəlɪst $ ˈvoʊ-/ noun [countable]  APMsomeone who sings popular songs, especially with a band
Examples from the Corpus
vocalistI have a vocalist called Kali who sings the Aretha Franklin track Respect.The only missing link in the resurrection of Jersey-based punk ghouls the Misfits is co-founder, songwriter and vocalist, Glenn Danzig.The female vocalist came on in a long white gown.The female vocalist carried the show with aplomb and the band sounded tough and strong instrumentally.Diamanda Galas, the avant-garde vocalist based in New York.He's a session musician, providing studio backing to well-known vocalists.The London-based quartet creates dark, brooding soundscapes that songwriter and lead vocalist Gavin Rossdale pierces with agonized, abstract lyrics.Tom, the lead vocalist, is also a talented guitarist.Opening will be a top roster of local talent, along with Chicago-based pianist / vocalist Judy Roberts.Holiday was in many ways the first modern pop vocalist.
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