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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvociferousvo‧cif‧er‧ous /vəˈsɪfərəs, vəʊ- $ voʊ-/ adjective formal  TALK TO somebodyexpressing your opinions loudly and strongly a vociferous opponent of the planvociferous in The minority population became more vociferous in its demands.vociferously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
vociferousThe most vociferous critic among this latter group was W.. Edwards Deming.vociferous demandsHis approach has won keen admirers and vociferous detractors in the United States.However, there is vociferous disagreement over how that investment might be made.William Bennett, a former drug tsar, was a vociferous foe, as is Louis Sullivan, the health secretary.As long as globalisation is synonymous with economic imperialism it is worthy of the most vociferous opposition.Evelyn was just about the most self-deluded person she had ever met, a vociferous pseudo-feminist.
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