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vodkavod‧ka /ˈvɒdkə $ ˈvɑːdkə/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFDa strong clear alcoholic drink originally from Russia, or a glass of this
Examples from the Corpus
vodkaLucker rummages in the bags for a floating bottle of vodka.Ram a couple of kidneys into a perfectly good bottle of vodka, and give it to him.I drive back to the hotel with Lucker swigging at a litre bottle of vodka beside me.The attendant, now well into his second bottle of vodka, decided to ignore Myeloski's indiscretion.Dinner was sardines and stew, made palatable by two lots of vodka.Dissident A rabbinical poet with hippy dreadlocks was king of the clients on vodka street.Pepper vodka, lemon vodka, kidney vodka.
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