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voicemailvoice‧mail, voice mail /ˈvɔɪsmeɪl/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  TCTa system which lets people leave recorded messages for you on your telephone when you are unable to answer it
Examples from the Corpus
voicemailBoth computers had a 28,800-baud fax modem, 16 megabytes of random-access memory and voice mail / speakerphone capabilities.Hackers may call a company employee and reach their voice mail.In addition, users can access their voice mail remotely.It should also enable the integration of electronic mail, voice mail and facsimile, as well as desktop audio and video conferencing.Next, he updates his voice mail, letting callers know who they can reach as a back-up.One afternoon I got home from a business trip, and the first thing I did was check my voice mail.Rambam printed business cards carrying a working telephone number complete with voice mail.These include: Features like voice mail, call waiting and call forwarding.
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