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voltmetervolt‧me‧ter /ˈvəʊltˌmiːtə $ ˈvoʊltˌmiːtər/ noun [countable]  HPETMan instrument for measuring voltage
Examples from the Corpus
voltmeterVoltmeter readings around IC2 should produce the following results, assuming that the negative lead of the voltmeter is connected to 0V.Calibration Select one amplifier for calibration and connect a voltmeter to the test point at the first stage output.Ideally, any alternating voltmeter should possess infinite impedance and any a.c. meter negligible impedance.This will change the voltage at any porthole whose current line is affected, and the appropriate voltmeter will register the fact.The r.m.s. current, , may be found by measuring the r.m.s. potential difference with a suitable voltmeter from which.Strictly speaking, the voltmeter should give true r.m.s. measurement.
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