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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvoluntarilyvol‧un‧ta‧ri‧ly /ˈvɒləntərəli, ˌvɒlənˈterəli $ ˌvɑːlənˈterəli/ ●○○ AWL adverb  1 if you do something voluntarily, you do it willingly, without anyone telling you to do it She wasn’t fired – she left voluntarily.2 if you do work voluntarily, you do it because you want to, and are not paid for itvolunteer Susan worked in the studios voluntarily, to gain experience.
Examples from the Corpus
voluntarilyFood labels are not required to list it, but some do so voluntarily.It happens every year and no department of the council will cut its costs voluntarily.Senior Vice President Antonio Samson said 910 employees in targeted areas voluntarily applied for the program, which includes a benefit package.He will not voluntarily do anything which conflicts with his personal moral code, nor can he be induced to do so.It may, for example, involve liquidation fraud, where a company voluntarily goes into liquidation to avoid its responsibilities.The company has voluntarily recalled the product to check for defects.They are voluntarily shrinking themselves, cutting workforces and branch networks.Many women have now moved voluntarily to paying the full national insurance contribution.
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