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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvoluptuousvo‧lup‧tu‧ous /vəˈlʌptʃuəs/ adjective  1 HBHa woman who is voluptuous has large breasts and a soft curved body2 SEXYexpressing strong sexual feeling or sexual pleasure a voluptuous gesture3 literaryNICE something that is voluptuous gives you pleasure because it looks, smells, or tastes good the voluptuous fragrance of a summer gardenvoluptuously adverbvoluptuousness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
voluptuousThe voluptuous actress wouldn't need to play foolish games with him.Even at the early hour I was taken with her freshness, her blond, tousled hair, her milk-warm voluptuous body.the voluptuous exotic feel of the OrientOn either side of him are scantily clad voluptuous females, a blonde and a brunette.Enter the voluptuous femme fatale with dangerous links to the mob.Everyone turned to look at Gordon and his voluptuous mistress as they entered the room.Guy takes turns abusing his beautiful wife and his voluptuous mistress, which makes him irresistible to both women.She was like some voluptuous painting by Titian.
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