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voraciousvo‧ra‧cious /vəˈreɪʃəs, vɒ- $ vɔː-, və-/ adjective  1 DFHBGREEDYeating or wanting large quantities of food Pigs are voracious feeders. Kids can have voracious appetites.2 ENTHUSIASTIChaving an extremely strong desire to do or have a lot of something a voracious reader Her appetite for information was voracious.voraciously adverb Anne has always read voraciously.voracity /-ˈræsəti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
voraciousHe has a voracious appetite for knowledge about what is happening around every corner in New York City.Walburga once suppressed the voracious appetite of a child by having her consume three ears of grain.It is a voracious blood-sucker and even 100-200 worms are sufficient to produce death in sheep within a few weeks of infection.Thus a dragonfly and its larva are both voracious eaters of their fellow creatures.Caterpillars are voracious leaf-eaters.It was a dorado or dolphin fish, a voracious predator which feeds mostly on flying fish.A voracious reader, Vea is adamant about the pursuit of writing excellence.a voracious readervoracious appetitesChildren have voracious appetites for authenticity, but in drama we should never intimidate them with factual information.voracious readerAcademic staff are voracious readers and inveterate talkers.A voracious reader, Vea is adamant about the pursuit of writing excellence.He was a voracious reader with a compulsion to finish everything he started.
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