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vote of confidence

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vote of confidenceˌvote of ˈconfidence noun (plural votes of confidence) [countable]  1 PPVSUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLANa formal process in which people vote in order to show that they support someone or something, especially the government On April 19 the new government won a vote of confidence by 339 votes to 207.2 SUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLANsomething that you do or say that shows you support someone and approve of their actionsvote of confidence in The new investments are widely seen as a vote of confidence in the nation’s economic future.
Examples from the Corpus
vote of confidenceArvey, knowing he was being blamed, was hoping for a vote of confidence.On 23 November 1923 Stresemann was refused a vote of confidence.Shortly afterwards the government survived a vote of confidence in the Dáil by 83 votes to 80.It hardly amounted to a vote of confidence for the new regime.When insiders buy a stock, that is a direct vote of confidence.This was an impressive personal vote of confidence.won ... vote of confidenceThe new government won a vote of confidence from the National Assembly on May 29 by a majority of 76.
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