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votivevo‧tive /ˈvəʊtɪv $ ˈvoʊ-/ adjective [only before noun] technical  RRCgiven or done because of a promise made to God or to a saint votive offerings
Examples from the Corpus
votiveLambe's surviving compositions comprise one setting of the Magnificat and seven Marian votive antiphons.A votive candle is placed on the dozen or so tables, part of the ritual of late afternoon tea.Last month we were able to borrow a votive candle stand, which stands in the Lady Chapel area.Mrs Bay hurried about the living room, lighting row after row of votive candles.Silver plate of a possible votive character was found in 1747 at Capheaton in Northumberland.His house looked mysterious by candlelight, as if small votive fires had been lit for some ritual.The first item is either a toy or votive offering.The votive stand remains in the church for anyone to light a candle at any time.votive offeringsSuch items are often found on Roman sites and are normally classed as votive offerings.
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