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vouchervouch‧er /ˈvaʊtʃə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DFTTa ticket that can be used instead of money for a particular purpose The voucher can be used at most major supermarkets. First prize is a £1,000 travel voucher. gift voucher at gift token, luncheon voucher2 SCLan official statement or receipt that is given to someone to prove that their accounts are correct or that money has been paid
Examples from the Corpus
voucherInstead, the GOP-controlled Congress moved to cut spending on public housing and vouchers, Cisneros said.While in Kurunagala Ellis also established a cattle voucher system whereby headmen had to certify all sales of cattle.Prizes will be in the form of gifts or vouchers - there will not be any direct financial rewards.Edward M.. Kennedy, D-Mass., laid out an alternative approach that would provide vouchers for families to buy insurance.Today we are printing a special voucher which includes a token.Five runners-up will each receive a £20 Champion Sport voucher.The voucher and the same identification had to be presented to claim tickets at the door the night of the performance.If the Veterans Administration suddenly shifted to vouchers, its hospitals would have to undergo profound and wrenching changes.a travel voucher
From Longman Business Dictionaryvouchervouch‧er /ˈvaʊtʃə-ər/ noun [countable]1a ticket that can be used instead of money for a particular purposevoucher forThe tour price includes a voucher for a meal in a pub of your choice.She was given a travel voucher from Belfast to London.2money that a government gives people to use for a particular purpose such as health or educationThe White House is proposing tax credits or vouchers, worth perhaps as much as $5,000 a family, to help low-income people buy health insurance.The nursery voucher scheme gave parents vouchers worth £1000 to buy the nursery provision of their choice.3ACCOUNTING an official RECEIPT given for money that has been paidOn receiving payment the subcontractor should give the builder a completed voucher.4ACCOUNTING any document that proves that someone’s accounts are correct
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