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vulturevul‧ture /ˈvʌltʃə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 vulture.jpg HBBa large bird that eats dead animals2 BAD PERSONsomeone who uses other people’s problems and suffering for their own advantage – used to show disapproval He hadn’t been dead five minutes before those vultures from the media were after his widow.
Examples from the Corpus
vultureMack Stroupe is circling like a vulture, even as we speak.Strangely, the sun also shone, though it turned a dusty red, blotted out by the dark wings of vultures.As the vultures vie for space, the ravens cling to the edges.The decline of the vulture is due to the success of livestock farming and loss of habitat.Once he even took off after a circling turkey vulture.
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