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waderwad‧er /ˈweɪdə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 HBB (also wading bird) a bird that has long legs and a long neck, and that walks around in water to find its food2 waders
Examples from the Corpus
waderBoth waders immediately filled and I caught my breath as freezing April waters began to stimulate sensitive nether regions.Other birds we saw around Nesseby included dunlin, familiar enough to me as a breeding wader of the Shetland hills.A longer pair for waders and which are prevented from slipping down by an elasticated band, cost a pound more.At the float tube pool, you can actually put on waders, float around and see what tubing is like.Parked, set up fly rod, put on waders.A large black and white wader, mantle and wing-tips grey in immature.We start with three families of large black and white waders.It has to be admitted that Shetland is not the most suitable place for wintering waders.
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