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waferwa‧fer /ˈweɪfə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 DFFa very thin biscuit2 RRCa thin round piece of bread eaten with wine in the Christian communion ceremony3 a very thin flat piece of a hard substancewafer of wafers of silicon
Examples from the Corpus
waferThe brittle wafer dissolving against the roofs of their mouths was their promise of life in a world beyond Holy Hill.These high-precision quartz plates are used in the manufacturing of semiconductor computer wafers.Mr Gibbs returned with five wafers, one each for everybody except his wife.They are made from wafer biscuits and cost £10.80 for a box of 120.Human contact is limited to loading the wafers on to racks and moving the racks between machines.The wafer was in his mouth and the sweet wine, but he wanted more.
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