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wage claim

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwage claimwage claimBEWBELthe amount of money asked for by workers as an increase in wages wage
Examples from the Corpus
wage claimIn the summer of 1953 the union carried out strikes and go-slows in support of a wage claim, but were locked out.There was also concern that a renewed upturn in inflation could inflame wage claims in the forthcoming pay round.The union will engage in negotiations with the employers in an attempt to persuade them that the wage claim is justified.Meanwhile, trade unions became more active in their wage claims, and a vicious price-wage-price spiral developed.Mr Scargill urged the miners to prepare for battle: they must stand firm over their wage claim.Many, therefore, blamed Callaghan for the explosion in union wage claims that followed in the early seventies.
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