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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwagedwaged /weɪdʒd/ adjective  1 waged work or employment is work for which you get paid opp unwaged2 someone who is waged has a job for which they earn money opp unwaged
Examples from the Corpus
wagedWars are waged, as ever, over real territory and real spheres of influence.There is no counterpart to the health and safety legislation of waged employment.Many others made up the array of artisan manufacturers, either as independent masters or, increasingly, as waged journeymen.Departments waged paper war on each other; if nothing else it provided employment.But then the disenfranchised men waged war and the ensuing chaos is with us still.She had to watch and attend while her parents waged war.The switch to waged work of previously independent producers also increased union membership.The question then arises, how did these activists develop such a consciousness as waged workers and trade unionists?

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