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waistcoatwaist‧coat /ˈweɪskəʊt, ˈweskət $ ˈweskət/ noun [countable]  British EnglishDCC a piece of clothing without sleeves that has buttons down the front and is worn over a shirt, often under a jacket as part of a man’s suit syn vest American English
Examples from the Corpus
waistcoatPinstripe jacket down from £69.99 to £34.95, trousers reduced from £34.95 to £19.95, waistcoats from £29.99 to £19.95.Judi was coming apart inside her waistcoat.His fingers flipped open the buttons of his waistcoat.He took his gold watch out of his waistcoat pocket and snapped it open.His breeches were made of white shiny silk and so was his waistcoat.Her tears had dampened his immaculate waistcoat.We could see the birds in their dark-stripped waistcoats.
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