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waistlinewaist‧line /ˈweɪstlaɪn/ noun  1 [singular]MEASURE the amount you measure around the waist, especially used to judge how fat or thin you are a trim waistline2 DCC[countable] the position of the waist of a piece of clothing
Examples from the Corpus
waistlineThose who ridiculed his expanding waistline now view it with tender understanding.Some bodybuilders have wrists thicker than her waistline.Once I had a long black woolen skirt with a high waistline.What would have thinned down-his wallet, his waistline, his ego?This is the best exercise I know for eliminating inches from the waistline.The waistline on bikini bottoms has been pulled up while the usual high leg cut has fallen to something less severe.It doesn't have to threaten your waistline however.
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