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wait a minute/second/moment etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwait a minute/second/moment etcwait a minute/second/moment etcspoken a) WAITused to ask someone not to leave or start doing something immediately Wait a second, I’ll get my coat and come with you. Wait a moment, just let me think. b) INTERRUPTused to interrupt someone, especially because you do not agree with what they are saying Wait a minute! That’s not what we agreed! c) used when you suddenly think of, remember, or notice something Wait a minute, I’ve got a better idea. wait
Examples from the Corpus
wait a minute/second/moment etcAnd hey, wait a minute.Beth, can it wait a minute?They come back, you know, if I wait a minute.I rounded the corner, then stopped, waited a moment and peeked back into the lobby.Ward waited a moment by the door.And wait a minute ... Sage Derby.But wait a minute! - Wasn't that blood?But wait a minute, what's this?
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