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wait until/till ...

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwait until/till ...wait until/till ...spokenEXCITED used when you are excited about telling or showing someone something Wait till you see Gaby’s new house! wait
Examples from the Corpus
wait until/till ...He would wait until evening and the solitude of the rectory, and the peace of his newly dug garden.Don't wait until it has been completed.They were asked to wait until Kitty was eighteen and they agreed.The entertainment behemoth has said it would wait until shareholders in both companies approve the acquisition at separate meetings Thursday.I wait till she has finished and gone upstairs.It is not necessary to wait until the data are completely processed or analyzed before the report writing phase can begin.I reactivated the potentially offending pieces of software, one by one, waiting until the problem reappeared.But we have to wait until then.
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