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wake-up call

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwake-up callˈwake-up ˌcall noun [countable]  1 an experience or event that shocks you and makes you realize that you must do something to change a situation The success of extremist groups in the elections should be a wake-up call to all decent citizens.2 a telephone call that someone makes to you, especially at a hotel, to wake you up in the morning syn alarm call
Examples from the Corpus
wake-up callThis should be a wake-up call to everyone.Clinton recently had a wake-up call.The latest report on increased drug use is a wake-up call for America.Seattle was, as everybody now says, a wake-up call.That had been his wake-up call.They needed a mighty wake-up call as much as they needed to learn the parts of speech.My wake-up call arrived when the amount of spam selling lists of e-mail addresses exceeded that pushing miracle diet drugs.
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