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walk it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwalk itwalk itBritish English spoken a) WALKto make a journey by walking If the last bus has gone, we’ll have to walk it. b) SUCCEED IN DOING somethingto succeed or win something easily walk
Examples from the Corpus
walk itIf the last bus has gone, we'll have to walk it.And it was, despite the black-garbed temptresses and ambitious warlords who walked it.And you had to walk it?If this election were about urgent crises, big problems, complex choices, the Democrat would walk it.Then Labour would have walked it.I have walked it in a day, but it can take as long as a week to complete.Finally he walked it over to the cashier.And, as one of my brothers said, if you took it for a walk it panted.An endless walk it seemed to Gabriel, watching through the slatted door of the barn.
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