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walk the streets

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwalk the streetswalk the streetsa) to walk around the streets in a town or city It was not safe to walk the streets at night. b) old-fashioned to be a prostitute walk
Examples from the Corpus
walk the streetsGlasser talks of her as if, in walking out, she had gone on to walk the streets.But police have assured residents there is no evidence to show they are at risk when walking the streets at night.He thought by now he could walk the streets blindfolded and still find his way.He walked the streets, crawling from crib to crib.A place where you can walk the streets, hear the bragging and feel the strut and the swagger.I only have to walk the streets of Berlin to have it in my mind.Mr Sammler, back walking the streets, which now were dark blue, a bluish glow from the street lamps.They went home, walking the streets with their arms around each other.
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