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walkwaywalk‧way /ˈwɔːkweɪ $ ˈwɒːk-/ noun [countable]  DHHTBBan outdoor path built for people to walk along, often above the ground The airport hotel will be linked to the terminal building by a covered walkway.
Examples from the Corpus
walkwayA cloistered walkway bordered the courtyard on three sides, arches supported by white pillars, on each pillar a lamp.a covered walkwayClad in soft cotton kimonos and sandals, guests wander the flagstone walkways on their way to open-air hot tubs.Up above, two flying walkways in oak and steel traverse the space at third and fourth levels.But the Charles Bridge, with it brick-laid walkway and towering Gothic gateways, was the oldest.It was a mass of walkways and nissan huts.The Hyatt Regency walkways collapsed while several hundred people were dancing on them.There he mounted the heads of his victims along the walkway of his tent to impress his evening visitors.The walkways led to customs checks where there were never any lines and baggage claims where the bags were always waiting.
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