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wall of fire/water etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwall of fire/water etcwall of fire/water etcAMOUNTa tall mass of something such as fire or water, that stops anything from getting past The boat was hit by a wall of water. wall
Examples from the Corpus
wall of fire/water etcSurrounding buildings had to be protected by a wall of water to stop them being engulfed by the flames.A few minutes later, a wall of water crashed over the lip of the Falls and Niagara was in business again.A wall of water a thousand feet high smashed down on Nagarythe.And they drove off into another amazing wall of water.I watched as the roof of the house seemed to rest on the four walls of fire.But there was no wall of water crashing through the canyon.Spray, driven by the wall of water, struck his face.They had been through the wall of fire together.
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