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wallabywal‧la‧by /ˈwɒləbi $ ˈwɑː-/ noun (plural wallabies) [countable]  HBAan Australian animal like a small kangaroo
Examples from the Corpus
wallabyThere are wallabies crawling out of the woodwork.No of course not ... but I ain't leavin' Liverpool to chase bloody wallabies.Is that Deion Sanders or a frightened wallaby running back punts for the Redskins?There we can see lacy monitors, wallabies and even two-eyed echidnas.And the charge of the white brigade ... the wallabies that really pack a wallop.Even the wallabies, for whom bouncing around is a way of life, cast a curious glance.And these are rare snowy white wallabies, thought to be the only flock in the World.
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