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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwalledwalled /wɔːld $ wɒːld/ adjective [only before noun]   walled garden/city/town etc
Examples from the Corpus
walledLike York, the old walled city centre attracts many tourists, and it has a large cattle market and a cathedral.The cemetery lay within a high walled enclosure at the back of the Old Delhi Idgah.Within seconds black streets give way to walled farmland.There is a small walled garden at the front.You can take a day trip to Bodelwyddan Castle with its walled garden, aviary, maze and adventure woodland.There had been a picture towards the back of the journal-a portrait of a walled garden.Oh, he remembered honeyed, frail evenings walking in the walled grounds of the orphanage.Construction method would be single walled using concrete blocks and bricks.
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