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walruswal‧rus /ˈwɔːlrəs $ ˈwɒːl-, ˈwɑːl-/ noun [countable]  HBAa large sea animal with two long tusks (=things like teeth) coming down from the sides of its mouthseal
Examples from the Corpus
walrusHe was a tall heavy-set man of about sixty, bald, with a brick-red face and a walrus moustache.It makes you look like a walrus.Carl thus became the first and possibly the only man ever to successfully lasso musk ox, polar bears, and walrus.He stared at the old stooped man with the thinning grey hair and bushy walrus moustache who controlled the nation's money.He had a grey walrus moustache and was wearing a collarless shirt with the sleeves rolled up.He was thick-set, with thinning hair brushed back, a magnificent walrus moustache and several missing teeth.The walrus followed us in to the shallows, and we hurriedly jumped out on to the shore to get better pictures.
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