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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwanderingswan‧der‧ings /ˈwɒndərɪŋz $ ˈwɑːn-/ noun [plural]  literaryTRAVEL journeys to places where you do not stay for very long his wanderings through the Australian outback
Examples from the Corpus
wanderingsThese qualities serve Boy well in the course of his canine wanderings.Poor Psyche in her despairing wanderings was trying to win the gods over to her side.Finally Rachel responded and Phoebe had forgotten in her wanderings just how bloody clever Rachel was.Ruess financed his wanderings through Asia by selling his paintings.His wanderings in the nearby Derbyshire dales laid the foundations for his lifelong love of landscape.So matters stood when the tenth year of Odysseus' wanderings neared its close.For Inman, the torturous wanderings test his will to survive.
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