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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwanderlustwan‧der‧lust /ˈwɒndəlʌst $ ˈwɑːndər-/ noun [singular, uncountable]  TRAVELa strong desire to travel to different places
Examples from the Corpus
wanderlustWhen I became a freelance writer in 1989, I finally found a career which could accommodate wanderlust.Others come for a week or two; then, fired by wanderlust, they take off again.But what I like about him most is his wanderlust.They've never succeeded: sickness, hunger, wanderlust, something drives them on.It was not wanderlust alone that make him keen to visit Brazil. He thought he might hear news of his natural mother there.Daughter June had inherited some of her father's wanderlust and had a yearning for show business.The day became sunny yet stayed cool, and l got the wanderlust to walk in the woods.
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