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want a word

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwant a wordwant a wordspokenTALK TO somebody to want to talk to someone, especially in order to criticize themwant a word with Wait a minute! I want a word with you! word
Examples from the Corpus
want a wordRussell happened to be in the office and sounded watchful when Dexter explained why Blanche wanted a word with him.Weenie and Co. might be at school then and he wanted a word with Sarah on her own.But first he wanted a word with Darren before the boy was driven home.He wanted words back; nothing else would do.I was hanging around at the back of the church because I wanted a word with the vicar.Tell your father to come with you, I want a word with him too.I want a word with them fellows.And you want word to spread about your success-not your anxiety.
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