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wantedwant‧ed /ˈwɒntɪd $ ˈwɒːn-, ˈwɑːn-/ ●○○ adjective  1 SCCsomeone who is wanted is being looked for by the policewanted for He is wanted for the murder of a teenage girl. one of the most wanted men in China2 someone, especially a child, who is wanted is loved and cared for
Examples from the Corpus
wantedI never felt wanted by my parents.Richards is wanted for the murder of a security guard at the City Bank in December of last year.The mass murderer known as the "Yorkshire Ripper" was for a long time the most wanted man in Britain.Mr. Bendiger, you're wanted on the telephone.wanted menHow many new contracts would he get if it came out that guests of his had held clandestine meetings with wanted men?She wanted men to believe that she was choosy, not that she had never chosen.He wanted men to go on with living the good life.Just over half the wanted men were in their twenties.He wanted men who would meet in lodges, like the Elks, and hold tag days for needy kids.I wanted men, yet I looked into the faces and with hatred.
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