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war chest

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war chestˈwar chest noun [countable] informal  1 BFPMthe money that a government has available to spend on war2 the money that a politician or organization has available to spend on achieving something The government’s huge war chest could be used to improve transport.
Examples from the Corpus
war chestThe dairymen accumulated a war chest of $ 1 million, and spread half of it in congressional elections.It has a war chest of $ 40 million to spend each year on advertising.And he still has a war chest of $ 263,417.Martin's campaign war chest enjoys strong support from industry, including mine managers and safety officers.Clinton has a full war chest and no Democratic opponent to worry about.Much of that money already was in the Clinton-Gore war chest.
From Longman Business Dictionarywar chestˈwar chest noun [countable usually singular] journalism FINANCE a large amount of money that a company has in its RESERVES (=profits from earlier periods of time not paid out to shareholders, or cash from the sale of assets) that it can use to buy other companiesWe have heard a lot about their multi-billion pound war chest for acquisitions.
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