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war-tornˈwar-torn adjective [only before noun]  PMWARa war-torn country, city etc is being destroyed by war
Examples from the Corpus
war-tornWith sirens blaring and amber lights flashing, the squad cars slewed to a halt at the rear of a war-torn Cadillac.After all, nothing could be worse than the war-torn, economically deprived, famine stricken homelands which they left behind.The plan offered long-term aid to war-torn Europe.In 1941, Margaret E. Ray escaped war-torn France and landed in New York.He says the West has failed the war-torn republics, and must now intervene.Meanwhile, Liddell had been working as a field missionary in war-torn Siaochang.Outside in the war-torn street, Special Forces vehicles drew up in an uncompromising line.Resources that might have been used to reconstruct a war-torn world went instead into new armaments.
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