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warblerwar‧bler /ˈwɔːblə $ ˈwɔːrblər/ noun [countable]  1 APMHBBa bird that can make musical sounds2 APMa singer, especially one who does not sing very well – used humorously
Examples from the Corpus
warblerAs a result, a cuckoo who was himself brought up by warblers may father an egg found in a redstart nest.This advocacy of the golden-cheeked warbler endangers the economic status of many people.There were dark green spruce sentinels, ideal for black-throated green and myrtle warblers.Female cuckoos bear more allegiance to a particular host, be it redstart or warbler, than do their males.All of these were rare pioneers this year, and all sang only sporadically, except for the pine warbler.Opposite A pair of reed warblers work flat out to keep the young cuckoo satisfied.A cuckoo flew low over the reed bed, to be mobbed at once by two reed warblers.Birds heard: hermit thrush, Nashville and chestnut-sided warblers, red-eyed vireo, raven.
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